The Absolute Stereochemistry of Nebularine-Methanol Photoadduct. A Potential Transition-State Analog of Adenosine Deaminase

元データ 1983-09-25 社団法人日本薬学会


A stereoselective photoaddition of methanol to nebularine and 2', 3', 5'-tri-O-acetylnebularine was investigated. The absolute stereochemistry of the nebularine-methanol photoadduct (2a), a potential transition-state analog of adenosine deaminase, was determined to be 6 (S) by X-ray analysis. The addition site of methanol on the purine ring was also chemically demonstrated to be at C (6).


飯高 洋一 Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, The University of Tokyo
飯高 洋一 帝京大・医
大野 雅二 Faculty of Pharmaceutical Science, University of Tokyo
大野 雅二 (present Address)eisai Co. Ltd.
島崎 正美 Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Tokyo
中村 光 Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Tokyo
島崎 正美 Faculty Of Pharmaceutical Sciences University Of Tokyo:(present Address)biochemical Research Laborat
大野 雅二 東京大学:エーザイ(株)研究開発本部
飯高 洋一 Faculty Of Pharmaceutical Sciences The University Of Tokyo