Band Calculation of Cu_2MnAl

元データ 1978-10-15 社団法人日本物理学会


The energy bands of an ordered alloy Cu.MnA.l are calculated by the symme-frized augmented plane wave (SAPW) ntethod. The E(k) curves and the densities-of-states curves arc obtained. For tap-spin (minority) electt'ons, the density-of-states curve has two peaks. They are separated by a wide Ic>w density region inwhich the Fermi level is situated. The upper peak arises fromn the #-bands of Mnand the other one from those of Cu. On the other hand, for clown-spin (majority)electrons, the state-density cturves of #-bands of Cu and Pdn have two peaksrespectively and they are overlapped with each<cther. Those bands are almostoccupied. The main carrier of' the magnetic moment is Mn atom. The magneticmoment of' the alloy has been estinaated to be 3.'73 jt. per ntolecule, which is inagreement with the measured values 3.6-4.12 p..


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