Spin Wave in Ni_2MnSn

元データ 1983-02-15 社団法人日本物理学会


The transverse dynamical spin susceptibility 7 "(q, co) of Ni.MnSn is cat-culated within RPA with use of the energy values and the wave functions de-termined by the T.B.-OPW method and the spin wave spectra are evaluated.The effective exchange ittteraction Cfj7' is introduced as only one parameter.The correspondence between theoretical results and experimental ones is fairlygood. It is evaluated how the correlation between the spin density of d-electronsof Mn and that of condttction electrons changes with increasing q in comparisonto the cases of Cu.MnAl and Pd.MnSn obtained before. The spin wave excita-lions of NizMnSn are investigated by examining the relation between spin waveexcitations and Stoner ones.


ISHIDA Shoji Department of Physics, Faculty of Science, Kagoshima University
Kubo Yasunori Department Of Physics Faculty Of Science Kagoshima University
Ishida Shoji Department Of Physics Faculty Of Science Kagoshima University
KUBO Yasunori Department of Pharmacology, School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Health Sciences University of Hokkaido