Electronic Structures of the C14 Laves Phase Compounds AFe_2 (A=Mo,Hf,Ta,W)

元データ 1985-12-15 社団法人日本物理学会


The band structures of AFe. (A= Mo, Hf, Ta, W) were calc;ulated to examine the in-fluence of the atom A on the electronic structures and the magnetic properties. Theband structures are essentially unaffected by the difference in the kind of d bands ofthe atom A. The hybridization between d states of A and Fe becomes stronger with in-creasing the number of valence electrons of the atom A and affects the DOS curves ofFe(2a) and Fe(6#) around the Fermi level which are closely related with the magneticproperties for the C14 compounds. However, since the variation of the electronicstructure with the change of the atom A is not so drastic, we can roughly guess themagnetic properties of the C 14 compounds with the rigid-band-model.


Ishida Junji Department Of Physics Faculty Of Science Kagoshima University
ASANO Setsuro College of Arts and Sciences, University of Tokyo
Ishida Shoji Department Of Physics Faculty Of Science Kagoshima University
Ishida Shuichi Division Of Cardiovascular Medicine Department Of Internal Medicine Ohmori Hospital Toho University
ISHIDA Junji College of General Education,The University of Tokyo
Ishida Junji Department of Physics,Faculty of Science,Kagoshima University