Band Jahn-Teller Effect in LaCd

元データ 1985-11-15 社団法人日本物理学会


The bandstructures of LaCd were calculated by the KKR method and the local-spin-density approximation for both the CsCl and the tetragonal structures. Fromthese bandstructures, we find that the band Jahn-Teller effect can cause the cubic-to-tetragonal lattice transformation, that the important factor in this effect is the atomicshifts from the atomic positions of the CsCl structure to the ones of the body-centered-tetragonal structure rather than the distortion along tl'xe c-axis and that notonly d electrons of La but also p electrons of Cd contribute to this effect.


ISHIDA Shoji Department of Physics, Faculty of Science, Kagoshima University
ASANO Setsuro College of Arts and Sciences, University of Tokyo
Ishida Shoji Department Of Physics Faculty Of Science Kagoshima University
Asano Setsuro College Of General Education The University Of Tokyo