Electronic Structures of YMn_2Ge_2,LaMn_2Ge_2 and LaCo_2Ge_2

元データ 1986-03-15 社団法人日本物理学会


The electronic structures of YMn.Ge., LaMn.Ge. and LaCo.Ge. were calculated bythe KKR method in the framework of the LSD approximation. The electronic struc-Lures of the three compounds are similar and in these structures we can see thecharacteristics of the .5, p and d bands of the constituent atoms for ThCr.Si. type com-pounds. Using these electronic structures, we can roughly guess the magnetism ofother compounds by the rigid-band-model; YMn.Si, LaMn.Si,z and LaCo.Si. are anantiferromagnet, a ferromagnet and a paramagnet, respectively. We find also that it isvery delicate whether or not the Fe in RFe.X. (R=Y, La and X=Si, Ge) carries amagnetic moment, as indicated by the experimental results.


Ishida Junji Department Of Physics Faculty Of Science Kagoshima University
ASANO Setsuro College of Arts and Sciences, University of Tokyo
Ishida Shoji Department Of Physics Faculty Of Science Kagoshima University
Ishida Shuichi Division Of Cardiovascular Medicine Department Of Internal Medicine Ohmori Hospital Toho University
Ishida Junji Department of Physics,Faculty of Science,Kagoshima University