High-field Domain Formation Conditions in Semiconductor Multiple Quantum Well Sequential Resonant Tunneling Structures

元データ 1997-03-15 社団法人応用物理学会


We investigated the tunneling current-voltage (I-V) characteristics of Al_<0.3>Ga_<0.7>As/GaAs multiple quantum well (MQW) diodes with various electron densities, N_s, and scattering rates, Γ. Clear periodic negative differential resistances (NDRs) due to the formation of high-field domains were observed for the samples with low N_s and Γ, while such NDRs were completely absent in the first plateau region of the I-V characteristics of the samples with high N_s and Γ. It was found that such formation/destruction of the high-field domains in MQW diodes is controlled by the interplay of the tunneling rate and the electron supply functions between adjacent coupled quantum wells. The condition for the high-field domain formation is clarified as a function of N_s and Γ.


平川 一彦 Jst-crest:東大生研:東大ナノ量子機構
平川 一彦 東京大
Shimada Yozo Institute Of Industrial Science University Of Tokyo
Hirakawa Kazuhiko Institute Of Industrial Science And Institute For Nano Quantum Information Electronics University Of
Hirakawa Kazuhiko Institute of Industrial Science and INQIE, University of Tokyo, Meguro, Tokyo 153-8505, Japan