Time Constant for High-Field Domain Formation in Multiple Quantum Well Sequential Resonant Tunneling Diodes

元データ 1997-03-30 社団法人応用物理学会


We have investigated the frequency dependence of the tunneling current-voltage (I-V) characteristics of GaAs/Al_<0.3>Ga_<0.7>As multiple quantum well (MQW) sequential resonant tunneling diodes. Although clear periodic negative differential resistances (NDRs) are observed in the dc measurement, such NDRs are found to disappear at high frequencies, indicating a finite time constant necessary for the formation of stable high-field domains. The observed time constant has been well explained by the product of the capacitance of a single tunneling barrier and the intrinsic tunneling resistance in the low-field domain.


平川 一彦 Jst-crest:東大生研:東大ナノ量子機構
平川 一彦 東京大
Shimada Yozo Institute Of Industrial Science University Of Tokyo
Hirakawa Kazuhiko Institute Of Industrial Science And Institute For Nano Quantum Information Electronics University Of
Hirakawa Kazuhiko Institute of Industrial Science and INQIE, University of Tokyo, Meguro, Tokyo 153-8505, Japan