Constituent elements of insoluble and non-volatile particles during the Last Glacial Maximum exhibited in the Dome Fuji (Antarctica) ice core

元データ International Glaciological Society


In order to find environmental signals based on the dust and calcium-ion concentrations in ice cores, we determine the constituent elements of residue particles obtained after melting ice samples. We have designed a sublimating system that operates at -45℃, below the eutectic temperatures of major salts. This system permits us to obtain a great many non-volatile particles. After studying the non-volatile particles, we immersed them in water to remove soluble particles and compounds. We thereby analyzed a total of 1272 residue particles (from the melted sample), 2418 non-volatile particles (after sublimation) and 1463 insoluble particles taken from five sections of Last Glacial Maximum ice from the Dome Fuji (Antarctica) ice core. Their constituent elements were determined by scanning electron microscopy/energy-dispersive X-ray spectrometry (SEM-EDS) and compared to the dust, calcium-ion and sodium-ion concentrations measured by ion chromatography. Our results indicate that >99.9% of the insoluble particles contain silicon but no sulfur, nitrogen or chlorine. A significant number of the non-volatile particles, however, contain sulfur and chlorine. We conclude that insoluble dust consists mostly of silicate, that almost all calcium ions originate from calcium sulfate and that almost all sodium ions originate from sodium sulfate and sodium chloride.


藤井 理行 国立極地研究所
本堂 武夫 北大
Iizuka Yoshinori Institute Of Low Temperature Science Pan-okhotsk Research Center Hokkaido University
Shiraiwa T Disaster Prevention Research Institute Kyoto University
本山 秀明 極地研
Saito T Institute Of Low Temperature Science Hokkaido University
本山 秀明 情報・システム研究機構 国立極地研究所
Matoba Sumito National Institute Of Polar Research
本山 秀明 National Institute of Polar Research
Matoba Sumito Institute Of Low Temperature Science Hokkaido University
Matoba Sumito The Graduate University For Advanced Studies
Takahashi Shuhei Department Of Civil Engineering Kitami Institute Of Technology
Shiraiwa Takayuki O Faculty Of Science Tokyo Institute Of Technology
Fujii Y National Inst. Polar Res. Tokyo
Suzuki T Department Of Earth And Environmental Sciences Faculty Of Science Yamagata University
Suzuki Toshitaka Faculty Of Science Yamagata University
Iizuka Y Department Of General Education Yuge National College Of Maritime Technology