The Glycosides of Martynia louisiana MILL. A New Phenylpropanoid Glycoside, Martynoside

元データ 1978-07-25 社団法人日本薬学会


A new phenylpropanoid glycoside, martynoside (1), was isolated from the leaves and stems of Martynia louisiana MILL. (syn. Proboscidea Jussieui STEUD.) (Martyniaceae) together with acteoside (2), roseoside (3), cornoside (4), ajugol (5) and mioporoside (6). The structure of martynoside was elucidated to be 1 by chemical and spectral evidence. The isolation of catalpol (7) and cornoside (4) from the fresh unripe fruits was also described.


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乙益 寛隆 Hoshi College of Pharmacy
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田口 平八郎 Tsumura Laboratory
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