B9 テニスのスピン性能におよぼすガット・ノッチの影響 : 超高速ビデオカメラによるトップスピンとアンダースピンのインパクト解析(動作解析2)

元データ 2008-11-05


The previous paper of the authors made clear the mechanism of top spin performance in tennis and its improvement by lubrication of strings according to the high speed video analysis. As the main strings stretch and slide side ways more, the ball is given more spin due to restoring force parallel to the string face when the main strings spring back and the ball is released from the strings. Since the notches of strings decrease spin rate, the lubricant materials are effective to the notched strings. Furthermore, it showed that the more spin results in the reduction of shock vibrations of the wrist joint during impact. This paper showed that the spin rate of newly strung tennis racket without notches is much larger than that of used racket with notches. It also showed the difference of the topspin and the underspin when a pro and an amateur hits a ball.


川副 嘉彦 埼玉工業大学工学部
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