3E2-03 不安定を利用する人間型二足ロボット「源兵衛」に学ぶ関節に負担の少ない身体操法(OS 立位歩行の安定性と評価)

元データ 2006-09-10


There is no robot around us in our society at the current stage and also there will be no robot in the future if we define a robot as an autonomous machine working in the arena of offices, homes, and disaster sites, etc. outside the factories and continue the present conventional research and development (R & D) style in robot projects. It seems that the emergence of intellectuality in an autonomous robot exists in the dexterity of human or creatures as complex systems. This paper proposed the approach for realization of a real intelligent robot. We call this Human-Robotics, where robots and engineers should learn and develop in collaboration with each other in the real world on the basis of the dexterity of nature, life and human. We realized the simple self-sustained humanlike robust walking & running NANBA of humanoid biped robot GENBE based on distributed control of physical body in a martial art, which uses only small active power with simple chaotic limit cycle utilizing instability. Instability makes the natural movement and can be applied to walking of a physically handicapped person, rehabilitation, sports, and so on.


川副 嘉彦 埼玉工業大学工学部
川副 嘉彦 埼玉工大