C33 古の身体操縦に学ぶ人間型二足歩行ロボット「源兵衛」のナンバ歩き・ナンバ走りの発現(OS11-2 二足歩行ロボット)

元データ 2005-08-22 社団法人日本機械学会


It seems that the emergence of intelligence in an autonomous robot exists in the dexterity of human or creatures as complex systems and the research style and the development procedure along this approach should be necessary for realization of a real intelligent robot. This paper realized the simple self-sustained humanlike robust walking NANBA of humanoid biped robot GENBE based on distributed control of physical body in a martial art without ZMP control, which uses only small active power with simple chaotic limit cycle using gravity, further developing into autonomous walking.


川副 嘉彦 埼玉工業大学工学部
川副 嘉彦 埼玉工大
南雲 貴志 関東自動車工業
伊能 新一 ジョンソンコントロールズ
鈴木 一彰 東京部品工業