S19 打球速度を高めるためのテニスラケットの操作性と反発性のバランス設計とバランスの持つ意味(テニス)

元データ 2005-09-10


At the current stage, the terms used in describing the performance of a tennis racket are based on the feeling or perception of an experienced tester or a player. However, the optimum racket depends on the physical and technical levels of each user. Accordingly, there are many unknowns regarding the relationship between the performance estimated by a player and the physical properties of a tennis racket. This paper investigates the performance improvement of the super-light weight racket in terms of power by customizing the weight distribution and total weight of the racket available on the market by balancing design of maneuverability and rebound characteristics. It is based on the simple Finite Element Analysis with an equivalent ball-strings compound system. While this paper did not consider the strength of materials and needs the future research, the result showed that the gravity center of various virtual weighted rackets ranging from 260 g to 320 g with maximum post-impact ball velocity locates at 60% of the total length of when a ball is struck at the center on the string face.


川副 嘉彦 埼玉工業大学工学部
川副 嘉彦 埼玉工大
神田 芳文 成蹊大学理工学部
赤石 武章 埼玉工大
神田 芳文 成蹊大