36S インテリ・ファイバー・テニスラケットの手に伝わる衝撃振動特性の予測と評価

元データ 2003-11-07 社団法人日本機械学会


This paper investigated the physical properties of a new type of racket with active piezo fibers, predicting racket performance in terms of the impact shock vibrations of player's wrist joint, which might be related to the feel. It is based on the experimental identification of the racket-arm dynamics and the simple nonlinear impact analysis. The result showed that the active piezo fibers are not so effective on the performance of the shock vibration of the racket handle and the wrist joint as it is advertised. Although this new type racket provided higher coefficient of restitution on the whole area of string face and large rebound power coefficients at the topside and big power on the whole area of string face in the preceding paper, there is room for improvement in the shock vibration transmitted to the racket handle and the arm joint relevant to the feel or comfort.


川副 嘉彦 埼玉工業大学工学部
川副 嘉彦 埼玉工大
吉成 啓子 白百合女大
吉成 啓子 白百合女子大学