A36 多面体セルにより構成される泡構造を用いた形の提案

元データ 2004-05-30 日本デザイン学会


In this study, a shape of bubbles structure composed of polyhedral cells was proposed. By the effect of the surface tension when many bubbles gather, the shapes are transformed to the polyhedron. It is bubbles structure to be composed of that polyhedrons. It is considered that bubbles structure has a functional bearing three dimensional loads and the weight can be lightened. And, it is expected that bubbles structure has the adiabaticity and sound isolation because it is composed of a closed cell. To investigate bubbles structure, we did the compression test and FEM analysis. As the result, the stress spread the whole structure. By applying those characteristics we proposed Bubbles Chair and Movable Simplicity Space.


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