P-17 静的・動的試験を用いたグラスファイバー補強歯冠用ハイブリッド型レジンの曲げ強さに及ぼす水中浸漬の影響(コンポジットレジン・レジン1,一般講演(ポスター発表),第54回日本歯科理工学会学術講演会)

元データ 2009-09-10 日本歯科理工学会


This study examined the effect of temperature condition and repeated load expected simulating the intraoral wet environment on bending strength of a glass fiber-reinforced hybrid composite resin for Bridge (FRC). Specimens were used for a bending test according to the water immersion (24h and 2y/37℃), thermal cycles (5-55℃/5×10^3 times) or impact loads in water (37℃ and 55℃/10^4 times). In the each condition, especially after the long-term water immersion and the thermal cycles, bending strength of FRC decreased remarkably and significantly. Water immersion and the temperature condition may reduce the bending strength of FRC.


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