B-21 ジルコニアクラウンのフレーム形態 : 静的荷重による分析(オールセラミックスクラウン・ジルコニア,一般講演(口頭発表),第60回日本歯科理工学会学術講演会(創立30周年記念大会))

元データ 2012-09-25


In modern cosmetic treatments, high aesthetic requirements and allergies due to having metal in the mouth are problems for which Zirconia ceramic is highly expected to act as a crown restoration material with superior properties. The use of Zirconia causes less fractures of the frame itself, and breakage of the built-up porcelain is dominant. Thus, it is very important to prevent the fragile built-up porcelain from breaking. In this study, we investigated how differences in the form of the zirconia crown frame affect the breaking strength of built-up porcelain under static loading.


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