C-Reactive Protein in Pulmonary Tuberculosis

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The determination of C-reactive prote in, erythrocyte sedimentation rate, sputum smear test and culture for tubercle bacilli were performed on 213patients of pulmonary tuberculosis.<BR>On 30 patients of the m the estimation of serum mucoprotein-polysaccharide and of serum protein fractions was made and on 118 patients serum total protein, Lugol-reaction and Gros' reaction were also examined.<BR>The results obtained were as follows:<BR>1. The precipitation grade of the am ount of creactive protein coincided approximately with the extent of the disease process and the results of sputum examination for tubercle bacilli.<BR>2. C-reactive protein (CRP) positive patients had a tendency toward elevation of the erythrocyte sedimentation rate.<BR>3. When the level of serum muco-protein tended to increase, the amount of c-reactive protein precipitation was also increased. The amount of serum. muco-protein was significantly correlated with that: of serum alpha-globulin.<BR>4. There was no significant correlation found be-tween CRP and Lugol-reaction, between CRP and Gros's reaction, and between CRP and serum total protein.<BR>5. It is thought that CRP-test is helpful for find?ing out the activity of tuberculosis in far advanced cases.


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