C123 三角平板後流におけるガス流動および混合のレーザ計測

元データ 2000-07-25 日本流体力学会


This study demonstrated the feasibility of some laser diagnostics for gas flows and fuel-air mixing. Turbulent flow in a mixing channel with triangular plates was visualized by laser-light sheet method and velocity distributions were measured by cross-correlation particle image velocimetry. Also, fuel distributions were measured by Rayleigh scattering method. The obtained results show that triangular plates produce a large-scale fluid motion perpendicular to the mean streamline together with small eddies. They might stir the bulk flow and promote the turbulent mixing downstream, thus resulting in a more homogeneous mixture, whereas in the case without triangular plates fuel distributes heterogeneously and the variance of mixture concentration is high even in the flow downstream.


塩路 昌宏 京都大学エネルギー科学研究科
河崎 澄 滋賀県立大学工学部
塩路 昌宏 京大エネ科
河崎 澄 京大エネ科
川那辺 洋 京大エネ科