Studies on Mechano-Perception in Characeae : Decrease in Electrical Membrane Resistance in Receptor Potentials

元データ 日本植物生理学会


A polyacrylate chamber with three pools was develop-ed to measure the changes in electrical membrane resistance during generation of receptor potentials upon mechanical stimulation in Chara internodal cells. The membrane resistance decreased at the peak of the receptor potentials. The present results support the hypothesis that the receptor potential is generated by activation of ion channel(s). This is the first success in demonstrating a change in the membrane resistance in receptor potential induced mechanically in plants.


新免 輝男 Department Of Life Science Faculty Of Science Himeji Institute Of Technology
Shimmen Teruo Department of Life Science, Faculty of Science, Himeji Institute of Technology
Shimmen Teruo Department Of Biology Faculty Of Science Osaka University:(present)department Of Botany Faculty Of S