Inhibition of Electrogenesis by Aluminum in Characean Cells

元データ 日本植物生理学会


The effects of aluminum (Al) on electrogenesis at the plasma membrane were examined in internodal cells of Chara corallina. After treating cells with 0.1 mM AICl_3 (pH 4.5), we measured both the membrane potential and the membrane resistance in artificial pond water (pH 5.6). Electrogenesis at the membrane was significantly inhibited by the treatment with AICl_3. A decrease in the pump cur-rent of the electrogenic proton pump and/or a decrease in the electrical resistance (an increase in conductance) of the passive diffusion channel were considered to be responsible for the inhibition of electrogenesis. CaCl_2 had a partial ameliorating effect. Both malic acid and citric acid were very effective in reversing the effects of AICl_3. In addition, these organic acids restored electrogenesis in cells that had been treated with AICl_3. It is suggested that AI affects electrogenesis from the exterior of the membrane, at least during the initial stages of treatment (4-24 h).


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