Dependency of H^+ efflux on ATP in cells of Chara australis

元データ 日本植物生理学会


The internodal cell of Chara australis was made tonoplast-free by internal perfusion with a medium containing a Ca^<2+>-chelator EGTA and the net H^+ efflux across the plasma membrane was estimated either by titration of the external medium or by measuring the change in pH in the external medium. The amount of H^+ effux was high in the presence of internal ATP and low in its absence. The ATP-dependent net H^+ efflux was about 40 nmoles/m^2/sec. This amount is smaller than that estimated for the pump current on the basis of electrical data obtained earlier (3). This discrepancy is discussed.


Shimmen Teruo Department Of Botany Faculty Of Science University Of Tokyo
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