Evaluation of AVHRR cloud detection at Dome Fuji Station, Antarctica

元データ 国立極地研究所


A polar cloud detection algorithm, which uses the scatter diagram of brightness temperature and brightness temperature difference of 10μm split window channels of AVHRR, was evaluated at Dome Fuji Station, Antarctica. Among the data of June 1997,most of the cloudy scenes were effectively detectable. However, some of the cloudy scenes were not detectable with only the scatter diagram. It was found that additional information on the temporal variation of brightness temperature permitted effective detection.


林 政彦 福岡大学理学部地球圏科学科
Hayashi Masahiko Fukuoka Univ.
Hirasawa Naohiko National Institute of Polar Research
Yamanouchi Takeshi Geosystems Inc.
Yamanouchi Takashi Geosystems Inc.
Yamanouchi Takashi National Institute For Polar Research
Kadosaki Gaku Faculty of Science, Kochi University
Hayashi M Solar-terrestrial Environment Laboratory Nagoya University
Yamanouchi Takashi National Institute Of Polar Research Organization Of Information And Systems
Hirasawa Naohiko National Inst. Of Polar Res. 9-10 Kaga 1 Itabashi Tokyo 173-8515 Jpn
Kadosaki Gaku Department Of Polar Science School Of Mathematical And Physical Science The Graduate University For
Yamanouchi Takashi National Inst. Of Polar Res. And Dep. Of Polar Sci. The Graduate Univ. For Advanced Studies 10-3 Mid
Yamanouchi Takashi National Institute Of Polar Research 10-3 Midoricho Tachikawa Tokyo Japan.