元データ 2007-03-01 八代工業高等専門学校


Today, we tend to waste considerable amount of things and energy and produce a large amount of garbage in our daily lives. We are now forced to use a lot of expenditures and time to dispose of a lot of waste materials. Under such circumstances, reusable bottles, one of familiar waste materials, are recycled more frequently than before. In addition, the washing process of collected bottles has been automated. However, caps of collected reusable bottles are sometimes replaced although there are some regional differences about the treatment of caps. One possible problem is that such caps have to be detached by hand. Therefore, with the commercialization of product in mind, this research made an attempt to develop a machine that automatically unscrews caps. As a result of this research, a decapping machine was successfully developed. Caps of reusable bottles are automatically unscrewed with a minimum failing rate.


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