Bi-2212 固有ジョセフソン接合を用いたテラヘルツ波発振素子の放射特性の解析

元データ 公益社団法人 低温工学・超電導学会 (旧 社団法人 低温工学協会)


To calculate the radiation properties of terahertz-wave oscillators using intrinsic Josephson junctions, an analytical solution of the coupled sine-Gordon equation was obtained by applying continuous approximation and a radiation boundary condition in a 3D model for the oscillator mesa. The I-V characteristics, electromagnetic field distributions and bias dependence of radiation power were obtained by the analytical solution. These properties agree well with experimental results obtained from the oscillator fabricated from a Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8+δrectangular mesa with 78 μm wide, 138 μm long and 1.1 μm high. The analytical formulae are useful for designing the oscillator using the intrinsic Josephson junctions for practical applications.


内田 貴司 防衛大学校 電気電子工学科
立木 隆 防衛大学校 電気電子工学科
堅田 寛 防衛大学校 電気電子工学科