F122 水の過冷却に及ぼす超音波振動の影響(OS-6:バイオ・メディカルテクノロジーと関連した熱・物質移動現象(I))

元データ 2010-10-29


A method to actively enhancing supercooling is one of most promising techniques for cryopreservation and material processing. The object of this paper is to study the effects of ultrasonic vibration on supercooling of water. In the experiments, water in a test tube with thermocouple was cooled at constant cooling rate, with ultrasonic irradiation at frequency of 1MHz. As the results, the enhancement of supercooling was not achieved, while the release effect of supercooling increased with increasing ultrasonic power. The nucleation site is also shifted from thermocouple to wall surface due to heating effect induced by sound absorption. It was suggested the periodically-varying ultrasonic vibration would induced some effect on supercooling.


多田 幸生 金沢大
大西 元 金沢大
滝本 明 金沢大学工学部
瀧本 昭 金沢大学理工研究域機械工学系
多田 幸生 金沢大学理工研究域機械工学系
大西 元 金沢大学理工研究域機械工学系
佐藤 吉晃 金沢大院
瀧本 昭 金沢大学
小林 幹夫 東京工大院
滝本 昭 金沢大学理工研究域機械工学系
瀧本 昭 金沢大