B212 超音波を付与した微粒子懸濁液のミクロ凝固(融解・凝固)

元データ 2006-11-23 社団法人日本機械学会


Solidification of liquid-fine particle suspension in an ultrasonic standing wave has been studied. In this paper, we propose a new manufacture method of composite materials by the following process: first, an array of solid particles in the melt is produced by radiation force of ultrasound, and next the matrix is fixed by the solidification. By freezing experiments using water-alumina/silica particle suspensions, it was found that the liquid region consists of a region, in which particles suspended in water were trapped and agglomerated at every half wavelength in the standing-wave field, and a transitional layer. In the transitional layer, some of particles were swept from freezing front and accumulated with air bubbles. The micro-behavior in this place controls the appearance of lamellar structure.


多田 幸生 金沢大学
多田 幸生 金沢大
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山田 健太郎 富山商船高専
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