Nonequilibrium Current Noise Spectrum in a Dissipative Conductor

元データ 1993-09-15 社団法人日本物理学会


We study the noise spectrum of electrical current in a voltage-biased conductor. At low frequencies, the noise power in a nondissipative conductor is below the standard quantum limit which typically appears in tunnel junctions. Energy dissipation in the conductor further reduces the low-frequency noise power, nearly to zero when the dissipation is strong enough . At high frequencies, however, the noise is no longer suppressed, and the noise power approaches the standard quantum limit irrespective of the strength of energy dissipation.


張 紀久夫 阪大基:福井工大工
SHIMIZU Akira Institute of physics,University of Tokyo
Ueda Masahito NTT Basic Research Laboratories
清水 明 Center For Atmospheric And Oceanic Studies Graduate School Of Science Tohoku University
Shimizu Akira Institute Of Physics The University Of Tokyo