Landauer Conductance and Nonequilibrium Noise of One-Dimensional Interacting Electron Systems

元データ 1996-05-15 社団法人日本物理学会


The conductance of one-dirnensional interacting electron systems is calculated in a mannersimilar to Landauer's argument for non-interacting systems. Unlike in previous studies in whichthe Kubo formula was used, the conductance is directly evaluated as the ratio of current J tothe chemical potential difference Ap between right-going and left-going particles. It is shownthat both J and Ajt are renorrnalized by electron-electron (e-e) interactions, but their ratio, theconductance, is not renorrnalized at all if the e-e interactions are the only scattering mechanism.It is also shown that nonequilibrium current fluctuation at low frequency is absent in stmch a case.These conclusions are drawn for both Fermi liquids (in which quasi-particles are accompaniedwith the backflow) and Tomonaga-Luttinger liquids.


張 紀久夫 阪大基:福井工大工
SHIMIZU Akira Institute of physics,University of Tokyo
清水 明 東大教養
清水 明 Center For Atmospheric And Oceanic Studies Graduate School Of Science Tohoku University
Shimizu Akira Institute Of Physics The University Of Tokyo