E210 膜沸騰蒸気膜のクエンチ特性に及ぼす塩水およびナノ流体の影響(沸騰と噴流,OS8 軽水炉・新型炉・核燃料サイクル)

元データ 2009-06-28 一般社団法人日本機械学会


A high-temperature stainless-steel sphere was immersed into an A12O3 nanofluid to investigate film boiling heat transfer and collapse of vapor film. Surface temperature is referred to the measured value of thermocouples embedded into and welded onto bottom surface of the sphere. The Al_2O_3 nanofluid concentration is varied from 0 to 15 wt%. Comparing between Al_2O_3 nanofluid and salt solution, The film boiling heat transfer coefficient and quenching temperature for Al_2O_3 nanofluid remain the same within the experimental Al_2O_3 nanofluid concentration. In contrast to the nanofluid, those values for salt solution significantly increased with increasing concentration of the salt solution.


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