Analyticity of Homomorphic Cluster Coherent Potential Approximation

元データ 1978-08-15 社団法人日本物理学会


We propose one possible way of avoiding the breakdown of analyticity ofaverage Green's functions based on the cluster coherent potential approximationfor substitutionally disordered systems. Our assertion is that nonanalyticitywould not occur when a one-particle total hamiltonian is partitioned into the sumof homomorphic single-cluster hamiltonians and the CPA condition is appliedto one of these homomorphic subhamiltonians. Using an example of homo-morphic partition into double-site clusters, we show that the results for disorderedone- and three-dimensional systems with site-diagonal randomness lend supportto our assertion.


Odagaki Takashi Department Of Chemistry Faculty Of Science Kyoto University
Odagaki Takashi Department Of Chemistry Kyoto University
Yonezawa Fumiko Research Institute For Fundamental For Fundamental Physics Kyoto Uversity