Synthesis of Pyridazine Derivatives. IX. Nitration of 3,4-Dimethylpyridazine N-Oxide Derivatives.

元データ 1963-06-25 公益社団法人日本薬学会


Nitration of 3,4-dimethyl (Ia), 6-chloro-3,4-dimethyl (Ib), 6-methoxy-3,4-dimethylpyridazine 2-oxide (Ic), 3,4-dimethyl (Id) and 3-methylpyridazine 1-oxide (Ie) was examined and it was proved that Ia, Ib, Ic and Ie afforded γ-nitropyridazine N-oxides (IIa〜IIe), whereas Id in which γ-position was substituted gave α-nitro N-oxide (IId). All of these nitro derivatives were derived to aminopyridazines (IIIa〜IIIe) by catalytic reduction over Raney-nickel in methanol or over palladium-charcoal in dilute hydrochloric acid. Ultraviolet spectra of several aminopyridazines are also given.


中込 孟也 Research Department, Pharmaceutical Division, Sumitomo Chemical Co., Ltd.
中込 孟也 Research And Development Center Pharmaceuticals Division Sumitomo Chemical Co. Ltd.