Temperature-Modulated Semiconductor Laser for Widely Tunable and Power-Controlled Operation

元データ 1992-08-15 社団法人応用物理学会


We describe a widely tunable, power-controlled oscillation method of AlGaAs semiconductor lasers in the visible region, based on temperature modulation by a microheater placed on the laser chip. The continuous frequency tuning range for a single-axial-mode operation is extended to 0.28 nm (132 GHz) at 779 nm by the heater current modulation. Cutoff frequency of the temperature modulation response is 50 Hz. The injection current is used mainly for the power control of the FM oscillation. By using a short external mirror for axial mode selection, the continuous tuning range is further increased to 0.49 nm (237 GHz), which corresponds to almost five times the value with the injection current modulation.


Kobayashi Takao Department Of Bioregulatory Function Graduate School Of Medicine The University Of Tokyo
Jiang Shudong Department Of Electrical And Electronic Engineering Fukui University:(present Address) Graduate Scho
Kobayashi Takao Department Of Electrical And Electronic Engineering Fukui University