Correlation between Front Speed and Initial Explosion Energy of the Blast Wave Induced by a TEA CO_2 Laser

元データ 1992-04-15 社団法人応用物理学会


A TEA (Transversely Excited Atomospheric-pressure) CO_2 laser beam has been focused on several metals such as Zn, Pb, Ag and Sn-Pb compounds at reduced ambient gas pressure. It is shown that the radius of the expanding luminous front of the laser induced secondary plasma is proportional to one-fifth power of the intensity of the primary plasma. The radius of the luminous front is equal for different metals. From these results, it is concluded that the primary plasma is the source of a blast wave and the secondary plasma is excited by it.


Kurniawan Koo Research Center of Maju Makmur Mandiri Foundation
Kagawa Kiichiro Department of Physics, Faculty of Education and Regional Studies, University of Fukui
Kagawa Kiichiro Department Of Fiber Amenity Engineering Graduate School Of Engineering Fukui University
KOBAYASHI Takao Faculty of Engineering, Fukui University
Kurniawan H Research Centre Of Maju Makmur Mandiri Foundation
Nakajima Sadao Fundamental Research Laboratory Osaka Gas Co. Ltd.
Kagawa K Department Of Physics Faculty Of Education Fukui University
KURNIAWAN Hendrick Faculty of Engineering, Fukui University
Kobayashi Takao Faculty Of Engineering Fukui University
KAGAWA Kiichiro Faculty of Education, Fukui University