B05 美術館・博物館におけるサイン計画の指針に関する調査研究その 1 : ヨーロッパとアメリカ合衆国の現状

元データ 2004-05-30 日本デザイン学会


In evaluation of the sign design of museums, not only functional side but also cultural and aesthetic criterions considering the original character and feature of the museums are required. Furthermore, the amenity for the space and the care of the universal design are needed in addition to the collecting, keeping and exhibiting. The final purpose of this research is to propose a guideline of the sign design in consideration of the above background. In this conference I report a part of the results that I have collected, arranged and classified the signs at the large and middle scale museums in the West. I could have classified the sign design of museums into some departments, which are generally common to the most museums. And I have grasped the variety and forms of signs that are working currently in the West.


田中 佐代子 筑波大学大学院人間総合科学研究科
田中 佐代子 筑波大学


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