D02 ミュージアムにおける鑑賞用携帯情報端末の事例調査(グラフィックデザイン、タイポグラフィ, 第54回研究発表大会)

元データ 2007-06-20 日本デザイン学会


This study examines the current use of portable digital devices as mobile museum guides, and their possible future development. Devices such as personal digital assistants, cellular phones and portable video game consoles are discussed. Particularly reference is made to the use of PDAs in the Samsung Museum of Art, Leeum in South Korea, and the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam. Portable digital devices as personal museum guides offer us the advantage of access to information on demand, rather than forcing the visitor to follow a fixed pace. The use of PDAs in the Samsung Museum conveniently provides visitors with voice and text information on exhibits, while PDAs in the Van Gogh museum provide historical and technical information on works through voice, still images and video.


田中 佐代子 筑波大学大学院人間総合科学研究科
田中 佐代子 筑波大学


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