Radioimmunoassayを用いた血中1,25-Dihydroxyvitamin D測定キットの検討 : 各種ビタミンD代謝物との交差反応を中心に

元データ 1998-11-25 日本ビタミン学会


Recently, two radioimmunoassay systems with ^<125>I-labelled tracer for 1α,25-dihydroxyvitamin D(1,25(OH)_2D) have been developed: IDS-RIA and INCSTAR-RIA. These assay systems provide simple and rapid methods that do not require sample pre-purification by HPLC before the binding assay, and are shown to be useful especially in individuals who do not receive vitamin D treatment. However, its clinical use has been still limited because of the limited number of studies, which demonstrate the cross-reactivities of vitamin D metabolites and the bias from the administered vitamin D related medicine. In this study, we investigated the cross-reactivities of various vitamin D metabolites by adding those compound to normal pool serum and compared the assays with an accepted radioreceptor assay (RRA) in patients with end-stage renal diseases under 1α-OH-D_3 therapy. Regarding the cross-reactivity of 1,25(OH)_2D_3 as 100 %, the indexes of 23(S)25(R)-1,25(OH)_2D_3-26,23-lactone, 1,24,25(OH)_3D_3, 1,24(OH)_2D_3 and 1,25(OH)_2D_3-24-oxo-D_3 were 33.5%, 169%, 81.7% and 150% in IDS-RIA and 0%, 28.1%, 44.3% and 24.0% in INCSTAR-RIA, respectively. In patients with end-stage renal diseases, the values from each RIA were well correlated with those from RRA. In conclusion, these new RIA assay systems for serum 1,25(OH)_2D are useful methods in patients under the vitamin D treatment.


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