M.V.I.(Multi-Vitamin Infusion)配合時の輸液中における抗生物質の力価変化およびビタミンの安定性(第2報)

元データ 1988-02-20 日本医療薬学会


The change of antibacterial activity of antibiotics and the stability of vitamins in intravenous hyperalimentation (I.V.H.) transfusions mixed with cephem-antibiotics and multi-vitamin infusion (M.V.I.) were investigated. No change in appearance and pH was observed 24hr after the combination of antibiotics and M.V.I. in the I.V.H. transfusions. The antibacterial activities of antibiotics in the I.V.H. transfusions were not changed in the mixture of M.V.I., latamoxef, cefoperazone, ceftizoxime and cefotaxime after 24hr. The stability of antibiotics used was studied by not only the antibacterial test method but also by the high performance liquid chromatography method. From our present results, we did not recognize the remarkable difference by these two methods. Vitamin A in Hicaliq-1, Hicaliq-2 was decomposed by light, but was almost stable by shielding a light. Vitamin B_1 in Paremental A, Paremental B and Paremental B+proteamin 12X was decomposed. It seems to be induced by NaHSO_3 ゛preservative" containing in these solutions. Vitamin C in Hicaliq-1, Hicaliq-2 and Hicaliq-2+Proteamin 12X was decomposed by keeping at room temperature, and was also stable under the cold condition. All other vitamins (B_2, B_6, D_2, E, nicotinamide and panthenol) were stable in the I.V.H. transfusions containing antibiotics and M.V.I.


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