An Interpretation of Shear Elastic Behaviour in the Cholesteric Phase Observed by Ultrasonic Measurements

元データ 1983-11-20 社団法人応用物理学会


A torsional quartz crystal method was used to obtain the complex shear mechanical impedance of cholesteryl nonanoate at 150 kHz. The apparent shear modulus evaluated from the measured impedance shows a finite value of 〜10^4 cgs in the middle of the cholesteric phase. The observed shear elastic behaviour can be interpreted in terms of the existence of an apparent layer compression modulus in the cholesteric phase, which gives rise to the second sound mode similar to that in the smectic A phase.


Kawamura Yasuaki The Institute Of Physical And Chemical Research
OKANO Koji Department of Applied Physics, Faculty of Engineering, The University of Tokyo
Okano Koji Department Of Applied Phisic Faculty Of Engineering The University Of Tokyo