K-2304 表面酸化チタン繊維埋込みによるアルミニウム系複合材料のスマート化(S13-1 多機能・複合機能化への材料協調設計(1))(S13 多機能・複合機能化への材料協調設計)

元データ 2001-08-22 一般社団法人日本機械学会


This paper describes development of an active and sensitive composite based on a simple metal composite. To realize this material system, continuous titanium fiber was embedded in aluminum matrix together with stainless steel reinforcement fiber, of which surface was oxidized to be insulated from matrix to form a heater and a temperature/strain sensor. It successfully actuated and sensed with the multi-functions of the embedded TiO_2/Ti fiber.


浅沼 博 千葉大
石井 寿男 千葉大