743 SiC/Al 複合材料中における温度・ひずみセンサの形成

元データ 2000-09-01 一般社団法人日本機械学会


This paper describes development of multi-functional aluminum and its composite by embedding an insulated metal wire instead of embedding optical fiber. In this paper, nickel wire was used because it is easily oxidized to be electrically insulated from aluminum matrix. The NiO/Ni composite fiber obtained by surface oxidation at 1073K for 7.2ks could be embedded in aluminum matrix by hot pressing at 798K for 7.2ks under 16.4MPa without fracture. When a part of NiO was removed. Temperature of this position could be measured because a thermocouple was formed. Temperatures at two different points was measured by this method. This function was maintained up to the tensile strain of 3%. Strain of the same material can be monitored by measuring electrical resistance of the embedded NiO/Ni fiber. Using this method, fracture of SiC reinforcement fiber was detected as a sudden increase of the electrical resistance.


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