Extraction of clouds from satellite imagery in the Antarctic (abstract)

元データ 国立極地研究所


Yamanouchi Takashi National Institute of Polar Research
KAWAGUCHI Sadao National Institute of Polar Research
Suzuki Kazuya University of Electro-Communications
Yoshino Takeo University of Electro-Communications
Tanaka Shinya Fujitsu Ltd.
Tanaka Shinya Space Systems Depaerment, Fujitsu Ltd.
Yamanouchi Takashi National Institute For Polar Research
Tanaka Shinya Space Systems Depaerment Fujitsu Ltd.
Yoshino Takeo National Institute Of Polar Research
Yamanouchi Takashi National Inst. Of Polar Res. And Dep. Of Polar Sci. The Graduate Univ. For Advanced Studies 10-3 Mid