On the Spectrometer Measurements of Column Water Vapor Amount in the Antarctic Atmosphere

元データ 国立極地研究所


Spectral measurement of direct solar radiation was made by a spectrometer on the ground, and the total amount of water vapor was estimated. The result was 0.09g/(cm)^2 at least in April and 0.16g/(cm)^2 at most in December. In the present work, 0.9μm near infrared absorption band of water vapor was measured in a rather low resolution and the total absorption was obtained. Using the relation of the water vapor amount and the total absorption (curve of growth), the water vapor amount was derived from the measured total absorption. Uncertainties in the 100% transmission line and uncertainties in deriving the column amount of water vapor for the actual inhomogeneous distribution from the equivalent amount, resulted in errors. Since the measurement was made at Mizuho Station and there was no aerological data for comparison, the data of radiosonde flight at Syowa Station was compared. Efficiency of the present result and the method to obtain the column amount of water vapor were discussed.


Yamanouchi Takashi National Institute of Polar Research
Wada Makoto National Institute For Polar Research
Yamanouchi Takashi National Inst. Of Polar Res. And Dep. Of Polar Sci. The Graduate Univ. For Advanced Studies 10-3 Mid