Kinetic Study on Surface Dissolution of Nitrogen on Liquid Steel by Isotope Exchange Technique


The kinetic study of the nitrogen dissolution into the molten steel was investigated by an isotope exchange technique. The effects of O, S, C, B, and Mn addition on surface reaction have been considered at 1873 K. Experimental results show that the rate determining step of nitrogen dissolution into molten Fe–O–S alloys would be dissociation reaction and the rate constant on bare surface of the liquid steel (k0) is 3.84×10−5 (mol/cm2·s·atm). The adsorption coefficients for oxygen, sulfur, and boron which were applied the dissociation determining model were calculated to be KO=120, KS=65, and KB=0.9, respectively. In case of manganese addition, the rate constant can be increased with increasing the content of manganese. It seems that rate constant of bare surface of Fe–Mn alloy should be affected by addition of manganese.


Jung Sung-Mo Graduate Institute of Ferrous Technology (GIFT), Pohang University of Science and Technology (POSTEC
Park Jung-ho Technical Res. Laboratories Posco
Han Seung-Min Department of Metallurgical Engineering, Yonsei University
Park Joo-Hyun School of Materials Science and Engineering, University of Ulsan
Min Dong-Joon Department of Metallurgical Engineering, Yonsei University