The effect of Fe_tO Content on MgO Solubilities in Lime-based Slags

元データ 2010-11-15 社団法人 日本鉄鋼協会


It was attempted to quantitatively elucidate the effect of FetO content on MgO solubilities in lime-based slags using the measured data of MgO solubility in the slags. The magnesia capacities of the lime-based liquid slags were nicely correlated with the optical basicities in case the ideal solution was assumed for the magnesiowustite saturation phase which is actually in equilibrium with the slags. The substitution of MgO for CaO in lime-based slags increased the activity coefficient of FetO for the constant activity of FetO, resulting in decreasing FetO content in the slags. It is believed that the FetO activities in metallurgical slags containing iron oxide play the decisive role in determining the MgO solubilities into the slags.


Min Dong-Joon Department of Metallurgical Engineering, Yonsei University
Min Dong-joon Department Of Materials Science And Engineering Yonsei University
Jung Sung-mo Graduate Inst. Of Ferrous Technol. (gift) Pohang Univ. Of Sci. And Technol. (postech)