Variation in Growth and Yield Performance of Seventeen Water Chestnut Accessions (Trapa spp.) Collected from Asia and Europe(Genetic Resources Evaluation)

元データ 日本作物学会


Water chestnut is an aquatic annual herb, and its fresh, edible fruit is a valuable crop. The huge variation in growth and yield of water chestnuts has not been well documented. In this study, the yield performance of 17 water chestnut lines, eight from China (Trapa acornis L., T. bicornis L., T. bispinosa Roxb, T. quadrispinosa Roxb), one from France (T. natans L.), one from India (T. bispinosa Roxb.), three from Italy (T. natans L.), three from Japanese (T. incisa L., T. japonica Flerov, T. natans.L. van rubeola Makino), and one from Korean (T. japonica Flerov.) were cultivated in Saga City, Japan during the summer, 2005, and the morphological characters of their fruit were analyzed. European lines were early flowering, but had a lower yield due to poor canopy density and lower rosette density. All the Asian lines had a higher rosette density. In spite of the smaller number of fruits per rosette, the Chinese lines had a higher yield than the other lines because the fruit was larger. The yield performance of the Indian line was similar to that of the Chinese lines. The Korean and Japanese lines produced a large number of small fruits per unit land area. Apart from the variation in fruit size, a huge variation in shape including the height, width and the spines were observed. Path analysis revealed that productive rosette number m^<-2> and the single fresh fruit weight are two direct yield determinants while number of fruits per rosette has indirect negative influence on yield via productive rosette number and single fruit weight.


Suzuki Akihiro Faculty of Literature and Social Sciences, Yamagata University
ARIMA Susumu Faculty of Agriculture, Saga University
ARIMA Susumu Department of Environmental Sciences, Faculty of Agriculture, Saga University
Arima Susumu Faculty Of Agriculture Saga University
Hoque Md Department Of Agronomy And Agricultural Extension University Of Rajshahi
Suriyagoda Lalith Faculty of Agriculture, University of Peradeniya
Suriyagoda Lalith Faculty Of Agriculture University Of Peradeniya
Suzuki Akihiro Faculty Of Agriculture Saga University