Identification and Use of Three New Biochemical Markers in Agaricus bisporus(Microbiology & Fermentation Industry)

元データ 1989-11-23 社団法人日本農芸化学会


Three additional structural gene loci (Acp, EstB-1 and Pgm, encoding the enzymes acid phosphatase, esterase B and phosphoglucomutase, respectively) were identified in commercial and research-maintained lines (155) of Agaricus bisporus. The addition of these new marker loci effectively increases the total number of biochemical loci now available in A. bisporus by 60%. Allozyme variability at all eight structural gene loci (Aat, Acp, Adh, EstB-1, Gpt, Pep-1, Pep-2 and Pgm) was used to classify the lines into only 37 genotypic classes out of more than 3 million possible. A recalculated UPGM (unweighted pair-group method) cluster analysis, based on coefficients of similarity for all lines examined, is presented. The limited genetic diversity in this germplasm collection, as evidenced by linkage disequilibrium between loci and a lack of fit to Hardy-Weinberg expectations, commercially remains untapped.


May Bernie The Cornell Laboratory For Ecological And Evolutionary Genetics Department Of Natural Resources Corn
Royse D Pennsylvania State Univ. Pa Usa
Royse Daniel Department Of Plant Pathology The Pennsylvania State University


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