D-211 磁場解析が磁性流体の自由表面現象に及ぼす影響

元データ 2003-07-28 日本流体力学会


The analysis of phenomena on the free surface of magnetic fluid necessitates the magnetic analysis with no restrictions on the complex free surface shape and the arbitrary external magnetic field. For this purpose, we derive the "interface magnetic field equations" for the induced part of the interface magnetic field starting with the analytic property and the condition of continuity on the interface. We investigate the relation with the approximate equations used up to now for the linear analysis under a homogeneous magnetic field. We apply both magnetic fields for the determination of the stationary free surface shape. The rigorous magnetic field from the interface magnetic field equations has the half wavelength variation against the old field, and brings gentler changes in the difference of the magnetic stress.


水田 洋 北海道大学工学研究科
水田 洋 北大工・応用物理
水田 洋 北大工