Signatures of Supersymmetry at B-Factories

元データ 1996-09-25 理論物理学刊行会


We discuss CP asymmetries in B^0-meson decays and B^0_s-B^^-^0_s mixing within the framework of the supersymmetric standard model (SSM). It is shown that B^0_d-B^0_d and K^0-K^^-^0 mixings could receive sizable new contributions through box diagrams mediated by the charginos and charged Higgs bosons. This implies that the CP-violating phase of the Cabibbo-Kobayashi-Maskawa matrix may have a value which is different from the one predicted by the standard model (SM). The value of the CP-violating phase affects the amounts of the CP asymmetries and B^0_s-B^^-^0_s mixing. We examine predictions for these quantities in both the SSM and the SM, exploring the difference between the two models.


Oshimo Noriyuki Department Of Physics Ochanomizu University
OSHIMO Noriyuki Institut fur Theoretische Physik, Universitat Wien
OSHIMO Noriyuki Department of Physics, Ochanomizu University